Case Studies

10-Stage BB3 Pump Upgrade for Major Mid-down Stream Oil & Gas Customer in Australia


This 10-stage BB3 pump is started and stopped 3 times a day on average (>1100 start-stops in one year). As a result, wear ring running clearances were opening up at faster rate. ITT Blakers’s local engineering team upgraded stationary wear rings to Ceramic and rotating wear rings to Laserbonded tungsten carbide. It is expected to increase the MTBR of pump by 3 to 5 times compared to traditional wear ring materials.

Drop-in Replacement Pump Upgrade for Major Upstream Oil & Gas Customer in Australia

Application: Sea Water Fire Jockey Pumps – Offshore Platform

Pump: Vertical inline pump (OH3 style)


    • Match existing pump foot print and nozzle locations (Drop In Replacement – No modification work allowed at site)
    • Upgrade power end for increased reliability
    • Upgrade metallurgy for sea water application
    • Proven hydraulics required


  •     • Goulds Pumps 3996 1.5x3-10 pump casing was modified to match existing pump flanges and critical dimensions. New pump stool designed to match existing footprint.
        • All wetted parts upgraded to NiAlBrz.
        • Pump was performance tested in ITT Blakers' Service Facility in Perth
        • Proven reliable Goulds Pumps power end with radial and thrust bearings compared to OEM pump which only had one single bearing.
        • Wear parts are standard 3996 parts often available off the shelf and interchangeable with other Goulds Pumps 3196/3996 pumps at site.